Maternity Ward



The unit consists of two modern delivery rooms with the most modern equipment to ensure both mother and baby's safety at all times. Adjoining waiting rooms ensure that the fathers can be close at hand and be able to have a cup of tea during the waiting period.



the unit consists of:

  • 4 x Twin rooms
  • 4 x Single rooms

Each room consists of: bathroom, colour TV/DSTV, telephone, air conditioning, ample storage space; and a comfortable bed with various functions to ensure an comfortable stay We make use of an a-la-carte menu for meals served by well trained waitrons.


What to bring with:
For yourself: Pyjamas, gown, slippers, underwear (including at least 2 firm or feeding bra's), two packets of sanitary pads, two face cloths, personal toiletries, breast pads, nipple cream (for example Bennets Nipple Cream), tissues, a watch and a black pen (for the completion of forms). For your baby: Wilmed Park Maternity Unit gives a free baby bag to all new mothers and their Wilmed Park Babies. For your convenience bring Wet-Wipes. Telament and teething nappy(s) Please remember to bring three (or more) sets of clothes for the baby and a baby blanket - own discretion

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours: Visiting Hours are set for mothers and babies to get enough rest during the day. 06:00 to 22:00 - Husbands 11:00 to 11:30 - Family and friends 15:00 to 16:00 - Family and friends 19:15 to 20:00 - Family and friends

Visiting children must always be accompanied by an adult!



We make use of a sophisticated security system with cameras and doors.



Immunisation can prevent death and suffering from childhood diseases, and is therefore essential for your child's health. The first immunisation, BCG (preventing Tuberculosis) and Polio drops must be given before discharge.


To accommodate you, this service can now be provided during your hospitalisation. For the follow-up immunisation you can visit a Provincial / Municipal or other clinic. Sr. Heleen Swanepoel (018 468 8825), Sr Elsabe Hayward (083 497 6477), Sr S v. Gent (084 460 8213) and Sr Marie Drake (018 468 7908) is in private practise and is more than willing to help by appointment.






Sr. Marie Cornelius

Sr. Marie Cornelius

Maternity Unit Manager