Infection Control


The safety and health of all employees, patients, doctors and general public is very important to Wilmed Park.  Safety and health is not only our goal, but a requirement that is being striven for by all employees. An integral part of safety is infection

Infection Control

Infection control refers to the:


Identification and

Control of infections within the health care facility 

Wilmed Park offers an effective hospital control programme to assess the effectiveness of existing infection control practices. 
Nosocomial infections are almost 0%.



Why are Nosocomial infection important?

Despite significant advances in the prevention and control of hospital infections, Nosocomial infections remain a significant public health problem throughout the world.

What if a few "simple" interventions could markedly reduce common, serious, adverse events in a hospital patient. That's why we have implemented the best care and always bundle interventions on every eligible patient.


The rapid spread of HIV infections, is a problem which affects patients, health care workers and others who have contact with health care institutions.  The issue of HIV/AIDS has further emphasised the need for effective infection control programmes


The Infection Control Nurse

The role of the ICN is to aid other personnel and management in the prevention, identification and control of infections.

By means of the above, staff are motivated to use correct infection control practises and to adhere to prescribed protocol standards to prevent:

  • Additional days of hospitalisation
  • Prolonging the use of antibiotics and equipment
  • The cost in time and money, of nursing staff looking after patients who have acquired a Nosocomial infection

·        The loss of sick leave, earnings, employment, pain and suffering

Control Types

The Infection Control Nurse uses different types of control, e.g

  • Patient nursing records
  • and regular ward visits are used to identify new infections and problem areas
  • Liaise with the laboratories to identify early infections or infectious diseases


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Sr Marlize Eramus

Inf.Cont. & iSHEQ Manager  


The Infection Control Nurse is seen to be active in the wards.  This makes it easier to be alert and to react quickly and effectively.  Patients can feel safe in the Wilmed Park environment with the knowledge that infection control is a priority.