Wilmed Park boasts six effective designed theatres that meets with the latest requirements. These theatres are spacious and well ventilated. Away from the main hospital's traffic, but also comfortably near all units.

The safe and private treatment and caring of patients are emphasized. Attention is given to individual needs and support is given to the patient, and next of kin.

The pre-operative receiving room is spacious and with a peaceful atmosphere. Next-of-kin are given the opportunity to stay with their loved ones just before the operation and patients are constantly kept under surveillance from the nursing station that look out onto the patient.

Post-operative patients are allowed to awake calmly from anaesthetic under the direct supervision of highly qualified and experienced recovery room personnel with a doctor immediately available in the facility.

The theatres themselves consist of two conventional theatres and four big laminar flow theatres in which primary orthopaedic, arthroplastic and extensive surgical procedures are performed.

The theatres have the most modern equipment for the administering of anaesthesia, and  for the monitoring of the patient's level of anaestesia and conciousness during the operation, thus highly specialised operations can be performed. A new Endoscopic theatre was recently opened in Wilmed Park Private Hospital and is the only one of its kind in the North West.

Personnel in the theatre are trained in theatre techniqe and have years of theatre experience. Training of new recruits is constant.

Doctors are given the opportunity to, with the help of the most modern technology and equipment, do procedures with the support of dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgable personnel. An exceptional high standard of quality patient care is given constantly

The unit consists of:

  • 2 conventional Theatres
  • 4 Laminar Flow Theatres






Me Chantel Marais


Me Chantel Marais

Deputy Matron: Theatre


Sr Lerina Myburgh


Sr Lerina Myburgh

Unit Manager Theatre