Casualty Unit


Only the most modern equipment is used to enable staff to effect treatment in the most efficient and timeous way. Discomfort to the patient is kept to a minimum.

The seriously injured are transported to the in-house X-Ray Unit on the trauma trollies and do not have to be transferred to  X-Ray beds.

Specialist are on call 24 hours a day. But patients use their own doctors. Patients not from the KOSH area will be allowed to use GPs on call.

Immediate access is available to the  X-Ray Unit, Intensive Care Unit and Theatres. These design features greatly enhance the abilty of staff to reduce times in transit between sections and more time can be utilised in treating the patient.

The Unit uses an emergency bell to summon staff from the other eight sections in cases of extreme trauma or large accidents involving a large number of people.





Me Naomi Taljaard

Me Naomi Taljaard

Unit Manager

 Trauma and casualties from all over the North West Province are treated here.