Admission & Pre-authorisation

Dear patient

Kindly note authorisation for hospitalisation in Wilmed Park Private Hospital still remains the responsibility of the patient. We are only providing a service by assisting you to obtain authorisation. Authorisation requests are usually submitted 5-7 days before admission, not taking into consideration medical aid delays. All shortfalls and co-payments will remain your responsibility. Any applicable co-payments or shortfalls are payable before or on admission - unless otherwise arranged with the hospital accounts department. 

Kindly note the following documents will be required on the day of your admission:

1. Patient’s ID or birth certificate.

2. Main member’s ID.

3. Both sides of the medical aid card. 

4. All documents and reports supplied by your treating provider

A driver`s license will not be accepted as identification.

No exceptions will be made on any of the above requirements.

All authorisation requests must be submitted at least 3 working days before your admission. Late PAR (Pre-Authorisation Request) penalties may be applied by your medical aid for any request outside the notice period. Requests for all mayor surgical procedures must be submitted at least 5 working days before your admission.